Fancy Decor Ideas for Your Home

Accessories make all the difference in a home. With the right items, you can immediately convert your house into something that is elegant and sophisticated. To get you started on the items that you need to have a fancier home, here is a list of accessories you can purchase to upgrade your house:


Chandeliers are usually made of plastic or glass. They add elegance to any home because of its crystalline figure and the way it redistributes light through the prisms, giving it a brilliant finish. Adding a chandelier to the ceiling automatically upgrades your house from basic to sophisticated.


Lighting is essential because it makes the room look brighter, which enhances all the details. It comes in bulbs and lamps. You can pair the bulbs with the chandelier you are planning to install. You can also purchase designer lighting that can be customized to match the theme of your house. There is a variety of lampshades to choose from.


Carpets are timeless home accessories that automatically make the place look more elegant, depending on the design. It is not only ornamental, it is practical, too. It provides insulation and it makes it comfortable to sit on the floor.


Paintings are timeless home accessories. A well-painted art piece will definitely make a house look fancier. Additionally, paintings can be custom-made to be more personalized. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to select a painting that says elegance and class.

Fur and velvet upholstery

Fur is a very famous texture on furniture lately. The faux fur can be added over chairs or throw pillows. The faux fur’s texture in contrast to the plain texture of everything else adds an interesting detail. Velvet is also another interesting texture. It is like faux fur but significantly better.

Golden picture frames

When you’re planning to showcase a few pictures, you might want to place them in a golden picture frame. The gold gives off a richer vibe. It is definitely fancier than the traditional black or wooden picture frames.


Strategically placing high-end magazines on the coffee table is another way to be fancier. Choose magazine subscriptions that are known to be expensive, such as Vogue.

Plants and flowers

Adding greenery to your home can be tricky. Be sure to select the plants that do not look too big and can be re-potted into fancy jars. You may also opt to add a vase full of beautiful roses as a centre piece to your dining table.


Curtains can contribute to the elegance if chosen correctly. You should also get a curtain rod that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your house.

There are numerous ways that you can revamp your home and make it look fancier. With the right accessories, you can make your house look more expensive without having to redo the whole thing. These accessories also have practical uses and they come in a wide selection, which means that you can find cheap options to save more money.

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