How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool?

So it’s the summertime and its hot outside and you are ready to put on your swimming trunks and goggles and ready to dive into the swimming pool in your backyard only to find out the water in your pool has gotten murky. Yes, although everybody wants to have a pool in their backyard not everybody knows how to maintain it for the long run. You must understand is that the pool is a fully functioning organism (figuratively of course) and it requires constant care to make sure everything is in prime condition. So let’s look at some of the things you can do to maintain your pool.

Cleaning the Pool

Water is the life of the pool. I mean a pool without any water is of no use to anybody. So you have to make sure that the water is kept clean. At least once a week clean the pool of any debris, leaves etc. If there is any debris at the bottom makes sure you use a vacuum cleaner to clean that up.

Protect It When Not In Use

A lot of your work can really be reduced if the pool is protected and kept covered when not in use. There are many types of pool covers that you can use to keep the pool getting dirty. Although this is an added expense, a cover with a good material can save you a lot of time in the long run making your pool cleaning routine that much easier.

Weekly Shocking

This is a term which means you chlorinate the pool water. So every week you add large amounts of chlorine to the pool water. Chlorine is a disinfectant and it eliminates algae and different types of another contaminant from accumulating in the pool. But there is a method to doing this so if you aren’t sure how to do it get professional help until you learn the process.  After adding chlorine allows the pump and filter to run overnight and avoid swimming for at least 24 hours after chlorination.

Taking Care of Your Pool’s Filtration System

The filtration system the pump, the filter is what keeps the water in the pool clean and nice. It is important to keep those in good condition and repair anything that is broken. Depending on your pool system it might be a sand filter for a D.E filter. Whatever the case make sure you get familiarized with the system and know when it needs fixing.

Run Your Filtration System

This point maybe debatable as running your filtration system does come with a cost which is high electricity bills. But if you are using your pool often the continuous running of the filtration system will ensure that the water is continuously moving in which case it is less likely to get tainted with dirt, dust or bodily oils.

Become Familiarized With Your Pools Ph. Levels

This is a very important process. Your pool needs to maintain a certain level of acidity to ensure that no algae or bacteria can grow. After the chlorination process, the chlorine levels in the pool tend to drop due to the sunlight. So you need to know what the current level of pH is so you can calculate the amount of chlorine that needs to be added. It might be a little bit difficult to understand at first but as time proceeds it will become easier to understand.

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