The Art of Moving Homes without the Mess

Who says moving homes need to be a messy experience? It can happen in an orderly fashion as well. Here’s how you do it.

Know the size of your new home

In an ideal world, moving houses means moving into a bigger and better place. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from ideal. More often than not, when it comes to the move, we will have to compromise in many things, of which, one of the most likely things is the size of your new home. Try your best to understand the size differences between your current and new home. Consider if the furniture you already have will suit or fit into your new home. If not, consider either exchanging it, or stashing some of it in storage. Cheap storage Hong Kong based is a great option for you in a time like this if you are living in Hong Kong.

Sort through your things

When it comes to hiring cheap mini storage, remember that you can always opt to store away more than your furniture. If your storage unit is close enough to your home, you can even opt to stash away things that you don’t use regularly; like your winter sports gear, snow mobiles or winter blankets. Once you have stashed these not-used-often things away, take the time to sort through the rest of your things to make sure you are not taking the unnecessary things along with you to your new home.

Hire the right people to pack and transport your things

When it comes to time consuming jobs related to home moving, packing definitely hits a high spot. It’s a delicate task that needs to be done well so your moving in to the next house will be less confusing. If your bust schedule is not allowing you a lot of time to pack, consider hiring a professional service for this task. Make sure to ask them to label each box and where it should be deposited in. if you have valuables or delicate, it’s best to do the packing of these by yourself to avoid them being stolen, misplaced or damaged.

Getting professional help for the cleaning and the selling of your empty old home

Hiring a professional service to help you with the after mess is definitely worth your money. Once the movers have moved your things to your new place, get your home thoroughly cleaned, professionally. This makes it easier for you to sell your home. Remember that using a real estate service to sell your old home too makes your life much easier.

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