Tips And Suggestions For Making Do With A Small Bathroom

If you have to make do in a small home and a smaller bathroom for the moment, then here are a few tips and suggestions to do so with ease.

Make Friends With Wide Mirrors

Trust us on this one, when it comes to surviving in small spaces, one of your best friends would be wide mirrors. Why’s that? That’s quite simple. Mirrors help to distribute light, be that it is natural sunlight or artificial lighting. By using wide mirrors in your bathroom, you are creating an illusion of space, making it appear to you that you are using a larger space. While it may not create more storage space for you, or allow you to fit in a Jacuzzi, at least you won’t feel like you’re knocking your elbows every time you turn.

Mount Your Toilets And Your Sinks

If you’re looking for ways to make more floor space, then one simple tip would be to take the things off the floor. If it is within your budget, consider getting wall-mounted toilets and sinks. This not only makes your bathroom appear larger, and give you more floor space, but it also makes your bathroom appear much more modernized. If you are not ready for that kind of expense at the moment, or if it’s a rented house that you don’t have permission to have a rip at, consider to at least take the shower caddy off the floor and on to the walls.

Be Smart About Your Light Placing

Does your bathroom receive a lot of natural lighting? If it does, then the above tip of installing mirrors to catch the light won’t be an issue for you. If it doesn’t, then you need to make sure you have plenty of artificial lighting. Direct the light so it helps your mirrors to distribute the light, but at the same time doesn’t reflect on it and make it challenging to you to use the mirror. If you live in a basement apartment, or your windows are not that great an idea to open up, then consider installing an exhaust fan for your bathroom. However, you will have to make sure it helps you light up your bathroom as well, so choose to install an exhaust fan with LED light.

Learn To Live Clutter Free

Bathrooms are one of those spaces that can easily get cluttered up. And as you might already know, clutter generally makes any space appear smaller than it is. Try your best to reduce the clutter by reducing the things you have in the bathroom. The unnecessary scented candles that gather dust, for example, can be thrown out. But if everything you have in there is absolutely necessary to you, allot a specific space for each item. Make sure to return said items to their proper places once you’re done to avoid cluttering the space. It’s also a great idea to make sure you have a few wire binders at hand, so you can neaten up the wires of the blow-dryers and trimmers again, to avoid cluttering up your bathrooms and making it appear smaller than it is.

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