Tips to Keep Your Garden Clean

The best way to maintain a beautiful and a healthy garden is to keep it well cleaned and groomed. When a garden is not well maintained it will lead to overgrown plants, the spread of weeds, breeding of pests and even diseases and you may find it hard to get your garden back in shape after a while. Here are some of the practices to follow in maintaining a healthy garden.

Examine the Plants

The best way to keep your plants disease-free is to examine them carefully when you visit the garden. This way you can identify any plants that have diseases or is threatened by bugs. Try and see if there are any holes in the leaves, discoloration, bites from animals, change of shape in leaves or injury to the stem. These symptoms are an indication that the plant has some disease or trouble from animals. Identifying these symptoms immediately will help you to find remedies soon and stop spreading the disease.

Weed Control

Weeds often act as parasites to the main plants and absorb the nutrients hindering the plant growth. Fortunately, there are many weed control methods that a gardener can follow. The easiest way is to cut down the weeds with a weed trimmer. You can opt for organic methods of weed control which involves non-chemical methods such as covering the soil in your garden with a layer of organic matter obstructing weed growth (mulching) or crowding your garden with undergrowth allowing no space for weed. You can also use chemicals such as the using of weedicide to kill the weeds.

Pest Control

Similar to weeds, pests such as harmful insects and bugs can harm your plants and can even be the cause of many plant-related diseases. One way to control is to breed animals that are enemies of the pests and stop the harmful insects through predation. There are certain insect varieties that feed on larvae of pests. There are also plants that are harmful to certain insects which you can choose to grow in your garden. If you like you can even use pesticides for quick pest control.

Change the Look

Change the look of your garden once in a while. If you like a new landscape layout, you can get professional help from a garden maintaining company to design the landscape for your garden. Search for Jims mowing inner east and you will get a chance to hire their quality services. Crop rotation is another method that can change the outlook of your garden.  Crop rotation will also help to reduce soil erosion, weed control and to maintain the soil fertility as well. Experiment with a little bit of garden décor as well if you want a bit of an extra look.

Clean and Groom

Always remember to clean your garden. This includes not just cleaning the land but if you have any garden décor, seating or waterworks make sure they stay clean as well. Clear your garden of any fallen leaves or twigs, especially during the fall. Trim the overgrown plants and keep the area organized. Clean your gardening tools as well in order to maintain their proper functioning. If there are ponds or any other waterworks, make sure you change the water regularly. Never let water get stagnated as this will not only make your garden look unkempt but also will be a reason for the spread of diseases.

Keeping the garden well cleaned and well maintained increases its value and it will surely be a place where you can relax in. Remember these steps in order to keep your garden clean and beautiful.

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